Facts about Maple Rock, the old club and recovery.

Like a Rock

If you stand outside the Club at our sign near the road, you will see a large boulder under the sign and a line of other large rocks leading to the front porch area, how many rocks/boulders are there?  Just like the steps to recovery, THERE ARE 12 LARGE ROCKS in front the Club.

What is an Alkathon

Holiday Alkathons are events where we gather on holidays (typically Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve/Day) for marathon meetings, food, and fellowship. The holidays can be a particularly difficult time of year for many alcoholics, and alkathons help provide a safe, sober place to celebrate.

At Maple Rock, meetings are held every two hours during an Alkathon, and typically for a full 24 hours.  Each meeting is sponsored by an AA Meeting Group (like the Saturday Morning Womens and Mens Meetings for example).  Part of your financial contributions during these meetings go to help the Huron Valley Area Intergroup.  Watch this site for announcements on upcoming Alkathons and find out what is going on.

More information on the History of Alkathons