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Thank you!

Thank you! Once again, the response to the March Match has been bountiful and the staff and Board of our Alano Club are profoundly grateful. We met our goal of raising $30,000!

A very special thank you to the donors who commit to matching the donations. You are integral to the March Match and we are so appreciative of your unselfish support of our Club.

It is humbling to have the responsibility for running and maintaining our Club, particularly when we see how much all of you care about it. We respect you and want to make sure we do an excellent job for you. We want to make sure your trust in us is honored.

We serve the best community in the world. You are generous. You are committed. You answer the call every time we ask. We hope that you are happy with the ways in which your donations are being used.

You are always welcome at Board meetings, and come and express what you like, what you don’t like, and your ideas for improvements.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to give a gift yet, don’t worry, you still have time! Generous donors have stepped up to continue matching donations to the March Match Fundraiser through the end of the month! We hope you will give a gift and support the Club!

In service and community,

WAC Board of Directors and Staff

March Match 2023 is Here!

The Washtenaw Alano Club is a non-profit, self-funded organization. We generate the funds to pay the staff, pay our taxes, pay for the utilities for the building, pay for supplies, pay for repairs, pay for improvements, pay for events and pay for everything that is needed to operate through: meeting rent, profit from concession stands, contributions, and fundraisers.

Every year in March since 2018, the Club has had a very special event to help raise funds for our organization – namely our “March Match Fundraiser”. We are excited to support the club again during the upcoming month with our annual fundraiser.

Unlike previous years, when we raised money for specific projects, this year the financial impact of COVID has finally affected the Club. Funds raised this year will be used to support general operations so that we can keep open the same hours, maintain the grounds, and pay our bills.

Generous donors have already pledged to match donations during the month of March! Every dollar that you contribute to the Club will get matched with another dollar. Double your donation simply by donating. This year, our goal is to raise $30,000. For the past several years our club has been extremely fortunate in meeting our goals.

If you would like to continue the yearly tradition by participating in this year’s March Match, any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made on our website, on our Facebook page, by mail via check, or in-person at the Club.

Thank you for caring about the Washtenaw Alano Club.

Mission Statement

The mission of Washtenaw Alano Club is to provide a facility and an environment conducive to spiritual growth for recovery from addictive behavior.  We achieve our mission by owning and operating a support center that is home to the largest and most diverse offering of 12-step recovery meetings in Washtenaw County. With more than 72 recovery meetings a week, 1,500 visitors each week and 18 distinct 12-step programs, the Washtenaw Alano Club strives to build an accessible and vibrant recovery support community.