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Thank you!

Thank you! Once again, the response to the March Match has been bountiful and the staff and Board of our Alano Club are profoundly grateful. With your help, we substantially exceed our $40,000 fundraising goal and raised a grand total of $51,537!

A very special thank you to the donors who commit to matching the donations. You are integral to the March Match and we are so appreciative of your unselfish support of our Club.

It is inspiring to witness the members and patrons of our Club come together to make a difference. Your participation in the March Match Fundraiser continues to create a sense of unity and solidarity. Your support in our Club strengthens our resolve to continue our mission with renewed passion and dedication.

We serve the best community in the world. You are generous. You are committed. You answer the call every time we ask. We hope that you are happy with the ways in which your donations are being used. We welcome you to attend Board of Directors meetings and express what you like, what you don’t like, and your ideas for improvements.

Please accept our sincerest thanks for your kindness, generosity, and unwavering support.

In service and community,

WAC Board of Directors and Staff

Mission Statement

The mission of Washtenaw Alano Club is to provide a facility and an environment conducive to spiritual growth for recovery from addictive behavior.  We achieve our mission by owning and operating a support center that is home to the largest and most diverse offering of 12-step recovery meetings in Washtenaw County. With more than 72 recovery meetings a week, 1,500 visitors each week and 18 distinct 12-step programs, the Washtenaw Alano Club strives to build an accessible and vibrant recovery support community.