Broad spectrum announcements / blog posts

Upcoming Board Meeting

How do you think the Club is doing? Are there things you would like to change? Come to the Board meeting and tell us about it! Thursday, June 21st at 6:30pm! We can’t address your concerns if we don’t know about them! Stay informed and stay involved!

Mission Statement

The mission of Washtenaw Alano Club is to provide a facility and an environment conducive to spiritual growth for recovery from addictive behavior.  We achieve our mission by owning and operating a support center that is home to the largest and most diverse offering of 12-step recovery meetings in Washtenaw County. With more than 72 recovery meetings a week, 1,500 visitors each week and 18 distinct 12-step programs, the Washtenaw Alano Club strives to build an accessible and vibrant recovery support community.