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Dear Friends,

The Washtenaw Alano Club has reopened and is back to its regular hours and meeting schedule!

Please know that for everyone’s safety, building capacity is limited and face masks are required in order to enter the building. 

Seating in each room is limited to comply with social distancing orders (Room 1: 10 person max; Room 2: 6 person max; Room 3: 10 person max; Recovery Room; 10 person max). Seating will be first come first serve, so get to your meeting early if you want an indoor seat. Please do not rearrange the indoor furniture as it has been set up to accommodate social distancing and room capacity.

Outdoor meetings must not exceed 25 people. Groups of more than 25 must split into smaller groups in different areas of the grounds.

The grounds are open for outdoor meetings during our normal business hours. If you are meeting outdoors, please socially distance and pass a basket for meeting rent.

For your safety we have hand sanitizer available at the front door and in all rooms, extra face masks, gloves, and will be thoroughly sanitizing tables, chairs, countertops, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces between meetings and at the end of each day. Staff could use help with that if you are willing to volunteer!

There is an optional sign-in sheet at the front door for those who wish to be contacted if we are made aware of a club patron who tests positive for COVID19.

Please do not come to the Club if you have had a fever or cold/flu-like symptoms in the past 72 hours!

Most online zoom meetings will be continuing while we gradually reopen. Check the homepage for the updated Zoom Meeting List.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe and healthy during our reopening! We look forward to seeing you.

Online Zoom Meetings

Due to the temporary cancellation of in-person meetings at the Washtenaw Alano Club, we have a variety of online Zoom meetings that have started in order to keep our community connected. If you would like to engage with your recovery friends, please join one of these online meetings!

Zoom Meeting List

Catch up with your WAC friends.

Updated 9/18/2020


Please do not post this list of meetings on other websites or large facebook groups without permission, but feel free to share with your recovery friends.

Some meeting hosts will be locking the meeting shortly after it starts in order to prevent unwanted participants from entering the meeting and causing trouble. Please log in to the meetings on time to avoid getting locked out!

The Washtenaw Alano Club does not directly host online meetings. Each meeting is hosted by an individual volunteer or group. The Club serves to support and inform the recovery community of opportunities to attend WAC meetings despite being closed. Thank you to all the groups and volunteers who have stepped up to keep the recovery community connected!

If you are involved in a WAC meeting that is starting an online meeting, send us the info at and we will add you to this list.

Mission Statement

The mission of Washtenaw Alano Club is to provide a facility and an environment conducive to spiritual growth for recovery from addictive behavior.  We achieve our mission by owning and operating a support center that is home to the largest and most diverse offering of 12-step recovery meetings in Washtenaw County. With more than 72 recovery meetings a week, 1,500 visitors each week and 18 distinct 12-step programs, the Washtenaw Alano Club strives to build an accessible and vibrant recovery support community.