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WAC Newsletter – January 2019

First, we want to give a special shout out to a couple members of our Club who have gone out of their way to assist the Club on a few needed projects.

Joe D. continues to volunteer at the Club on a regular basis. Most recently, he put in a ton of work helping with our Christmas Tree Fundraiser by getting the sale area set up and organizing help for the duration of the fundraiser. With his help, we sold out of trees for the second year in a row!

Andy B. was kind enough to lend us his time and skills to build and install a hand rail for our new patio. It looks wonderful and makes our patio steps safer for our patrons. Andy is a great example of an involved member. We are lucky to have so many skilled members willing to help the Club!

Thank you, Joe and Andy  for your continued dedication to the WAC!

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WAC Newsletter – October 2018

My first AA meeting was at the Washtenaw Alano Club.  For the first year of my sobriety, I didn’t go anywhere except the Alano Club for my meetings.  I don’t even recall when I got adventurous enough to check out meetings away from the Club – it may have been another year before I felt that confident.  The Alano Club was within my comfort zone.  Nothing else was. . .

WAC Newsletter – July 2018

If you are sinking in quicksand and somebody throws you a rope, and you say “no thanks I don’t want that rope,” are you making a big mistake? That’s what was said to me as I left Brighton Hospital after my first 10 days of detoxed sobriety…

WAC Newsletter – June 2018

I first entered our Club in 1985. It was located on S. State St. in a small rented building. A picture of that building hangs in Room 3. It was my first week of sobriety and I didn’t have a clue. It was smoke-filled and had a snack counter run by a strange man. You had to go down a steep and narrow set of stairs to get to the meeting rooms (also filled with smoke). No one told me to get out, and some of the people seemed friendly – so I stayed. Through the years, I’ve attended other meetings (held in churches), but to this day I consider our Club my spiritual home…