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Other Ways of Giving

Did you know you can help support the Club through dollars you are already spending? The Kroger Community Rewards Program allows their Plus Shoppers to select a non-profit organization to receive a percentage of the money they spend doing their shopping at Kroger. All you have to do is select the Washtenaw Alano Club every year as your non-profit to give to, and a small percentage of the dollars you already spend doing your Kroger shopping will be sent to the Club!

Amazon also allows its shoppers to support their favorite charitable organization at no additional cost to you, through AmazonSmile. By selecting the Washtenaw Alano Club as your charitable organization and using the smile.amazon.com link, we will receive a percentage of any money you spend with Amazon.

Through both of these rewards programs, you can help support the Club without spending any extra dollars from your pocket!

Read more to learn how to sign up for Kroger and/or AmazonSmile rewards programs to support our Club!

WAC Newsletter – October 2018

My first AA meeting was at the Washtenaw Alano Club.  For the first year of my sobriety, I didn’t go anywhere except the Alano Club for my meetings.  I don’t even recall when I got adventurous enough to check out meetings away from the Club – it may have been another year before I felt that confident.  The Alano Club was within my comfort zone.  Nothing else was. . .

Tool Sale Donations Needed!

The Washtenaw Alano Club is looking for hand and trade tool donations for our upcoming Tool Sale Fundraiser this fall!

If you have any unwanted tools looking for a new home, we would be happy to take them off your hands!

There is a tool donation drop off bin in the hallway of the Club for collection!

The date of the sale is still to be determined, stay tuned for details.

For more info, call or email Joe D. at (734) 649-2250, jdownes68@comcast.net

WAC Newsletter – July 2018

If you are sinking in quicksand and somebody throws you a rope, and you say “no thanks I don’t want that rope,” are you making a big mistake? That’s what was said to me as I left Brighton Hospital after my first 10 days of detoxed sobriety…

WAC Newsletter – June 2018

I first entered our Club in 1985. It was located on S. State St. in a small rented building. A picture of that building hangs in Room 3. It was my first week of sobriety and I didn’t have a clue. It was smoke-filled and had a snack counter run by a strange man. You had to go down a steep and narrow set of stairs to get to the meeting rooms (also filled with smoke). No one told me to get out, and some of the people seemed friendly – so I stayed. Through the years, I’ve attended other meetings (held in churches), but to this day I consider our Club my spiritual home…